Duke of Edinburgh’s Award


Expeditions for the DofE 

We are a registered AAP (Approved Activity Provider) with D of E and each year we organise  Silver Award Canoeing expeditions both Practice and Assessment these are 3 day expeditions and take place in Essex and Suffolk either over a 3 day weekend or during the School holidays. 

The cost for these are £50 per person per day, each expedition requires 3 days.

This includes all Personal safety equipment, group expedition equipment, use or hire of boats and instructors.

You will require training depending on your evidenced experience both in camping and canoeing. The training requirement would need to be evidenced prior to taking part or training booked with us in advance. The cost for this would also be £50 per person per day and number of days will depend on previous the experience of the individual paddler.

If you are a leader or a D of E participant with a group who wish to complete the expedition section by canoe we can organise the Gold D of E expeditions.  If you are an individual who  did not complete your Gold at school then we can help with the expedition too.

Schools and DofE groups wishing to complete expeditions at Silver or Gold level by Canoe should contact us for more details.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.