LEL Courses (formally BEL)


Lowland Expedition Leader Course  (LEL) ( new name for BEL from 2017)

If you are looking for BEL course then you are at the right place as the Sports Leaders’ course that replaces the BEL it is called the Lowland Expedition Leader and it is still a level 3 award, with mostly the same requirements and standards.

The new LEL level 3 is very similar to the BEL level 3 from Sports Leaders UK it is a nationally recognised award, and it replaces the BEL  and in many places it is the minimum requirement for a D of E expedition leader to train groups and lead Bronze or Silver( not Gold) expeditions with in Lowland terrain.

It is not limited to use with D of E as it is a national qualification that qualifies people to:-

  • ·         Lead walking groups in lowland countryside (not remote upland)
  • ·         Impart the knowledge and skills needed to undertake a day walk
  • ·         Have responsibility for the care of others while leading a day       walk in lowland countryside
  • ·         Plan and lead overnight base and mobile camps

The LEL Course is for anyone wishing to obtain the award for what ever reason, any amount of experience from none to lots!

We have also had the comment from participants that it is a good general Leadership qualification giving people not used to leading more confidence to take the lead.

Our course all takes place in Essex, all days are compulsory as  all the requirements of the course must be seen completed there is an assessment weekend at the end of the course and by then we should have dealt with any problems that people have.

The cost is  £ 520 per person and this includes all venues, accommodation, paperwork, handouts, insurance and loan of equipment as necessary.
So thank you for all the enquiries so far regarding the next LEL course. Following the success of last year’s LEL course we will be offering a course in 2020. If you are interested please complete  the contact us  form from this website.
After our experience from last year we will start with an introductory meeting to outline course plan and discuss dates as we have found the minor tweaking can mean people can take part who otherwise thought they could not. So we will contact you with the date of this meeting after you have completed the contact form.We would be planning to hold this in February/March.

If your establishment wishes to have a bespoke course for between 4 and 10 people please contact us and we can discuss this.

if you need to know more now please Contact Us